Crimmigration: The Marriage of Criminal and Immigration Law
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Last year alone, over 700,000 people were deported from the United States for various reasons.

A recent study by the Pew Hispanic Center reports that Latinos now constitute the largest single ethnic group in the U.S. federal prison system. Nearly half of all Latino offenders are jailed for immigration-related crimes.

Even the simplest of misdemeanors that appear to have minor consequences per Florida Law can result in inadmissibility and deportation according to Federal Law. We at Coviello Law, P.A., are well aware of the Federal Immigration Code and its affect on clients and their families.

If you or a relative’s legal status is in question, or if you are a lawful permanent resident (LPR) and you or a family member have been arrested, or accused of domestic battery, any drug offense, felony or crime of moral turpitude, please contact our office to discuss your options.

It’s our goal to resolve your criminal issues in a manner that may prevent you from being labeled inadmissible or deportable from the USA. Unfortunately, many criminal defense attorneys do not have the experience and, in some cases, are not aware of the immigration consequences their clients may face.

Andrew V. Coviello, Jr., MBA, Esq., of Coviello Law, P.A., has represented thousands of clients, many with varying immigration status, and many lawful permanent residents (LPRs), all in need of competent legal representation by practitioners well versed in the criminal law aspects of the Federal Immigration Code.

As always, any consultation with Coviello Law, P.A., where you seek legal advice, including immigration concerns, is attorney-client privileged, and may not be repeated to those non-agents outside of our firm pursuant to Florida Rules of Professionalism, Rule 4-1.6.


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